Anthony LoBiondo's World

Detailed and Descriptive Index
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index.html ~ default framed entrance page. loads up home.html and menu.html
*home.html ~ welcome page
*menu.html ~ main site menu. links to main pages.


musicworld.html ~ framed music page. loads up music.html and musicmenu.html
*music.html ~ musicworld welcome page. a little info on my music career.
*musicmenu.html ~ music menu. links to the following pages:
*ivory.html ~ The Ivory Coast Marauders. Mp3's available on this page.
*buck.html ~ Buck Cherry
*cig.html ~ Cig Central
*miles.html ~ Miles Davis, master jazz trumpet player
*mahavish.html ~ The Mahavishnu Orchestra
*gusgus.html ~ Gusgus, techno band from Iceland


2001.html ~ Page devoted to one of my favorite movies,
2001:A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke


jupiter.html ~ framed jupiter page. loads up juphome.html and jupmenu.html.
*juphome.html ~ technical info about the planet Jupiter.
*jupmenu.html ~ Jupiter menu. links to the following pages:
*juppic1.html ~ Jupiter picture #1
*juppic2.html ~ Jupiter picture #2
*juppic3.html ~ Jupiter picture #3


java3d.html ~ 3d java applet using a pic of me!
*javamoon.html ~ java applet. picture of jupiter reflecting off a lake.
*javagalaxy.html ~ java applet that generates 8 random galaxy effects
*javaatom.html ~ 1 of the 8 galaxy effects that looks like an atom.

Fun and Games!

fun.html ~ enjoy the lighter side of computers and the web. Download my
Doom2 levels, and check out what I have available for Magic: The Gathering.
Cool links to Quake 2, screensavers, and more.
*verduran.html ~ My Magic:The Gathering Type 1 deck contents and strategy.


chat.html ~ Chat using The "ICEbox" (java required) to people around the globe.
Contact me using ICQ, even if you don't have it!


pics.html ~ photos of me.


links.html ~ links to my favorite sites.


credits.html ~ give credit where credit is due.


*guestbook.html ~ tell me you were here and what you think by signing or viewing
my guestbook. This links to a page at my Geocities site because I can't link directly
to the signing page.
*aboutme.html ~ a small biography
*extra.html ~ extra stuff here at my site.
*whatsnew.html ~ site history. a log of significant changes to my webpage.
*help.html ~ having trouble? maybe i can help you.
*filelist.html ~ you are viewing this page.
*theend.html ~ all things that have a beginning also have an end.

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