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DooM is the popular game that started the first-person shooter craze. It was the precursor to games like Quake2, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, and Tomb Raider. This game is a definite classic and I still enjoy playing it. I also love making my own levels (which are available below) with a program called DMapEdit. DooM 1 Shareware is available all over the net, and I suggest you try it if you haven't yet.

Download my DooM 2 levels here!!

Play DooM Midi

The one computer game I would recommend would be Quake 2. This game is better than any Virtual Reality I have seen. If you have do have it, get the most recent version at Planetquake, then get GameSpy. Gamespy downloads lists of servers hosting multiplayer Quake 2 (among other games). It shows you how fast the connection to each game is, so you can pick one that will respond quickly.This is the only game I have successfully played over the internet.

Official Quake 2 Page

Magic: The Gathering

Magic:The Gathering is a trading card game. I started playing after the release of The Dark, but before the release of Fallen Empires. I have a big collection of cards. I've been known to make some pretty mean decks. My favorite strategy is recursion, so take a look at my deck.

Magic:The Gathering is also available on PC CD-ROM. So download some of my decks for the game. Be sure you have WinZip. Even those of you who do not own the PC game can open the files with Notepad to look at the contents.

Mandala Screen Saver
This screen saver is like a psychedelic mindwarp. It uses
Direct X. Super Trippy.

Noah's Acid Warp
This program is like Lava Lamp, but it actually moves. Kaleidoscopes, Patterns and Fractals
A big index of psychedelic software.

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