The Ivory Coast Marauders

Experience a musical soup of sounds, stirred together in a melting pot of psychedelic jazz fusion with styles flowing from this way to that. You've never experienced music quite this way.



Casey Messick ~ Alto Saxaphone, Congas, Shakers
Erik Beckman ~ Electric Guitar
Jody Leary ~ Electric Bass Guitar
Anthony LoBiondo ~ Trapset


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Title Size Length Quality
Ruby 1,121k 0:57 160kb/s
Emerald 3,171k 5:24 80kb/s
Sapphire 1,759k 2:30 96kb/s
Topaz 1,069k 0:54 160kb/s
Amber 2,936k 5:00 80kb/s
Joop 2,753k 3:21 112kb/s
Jasper 1,340k 1:37 112kb/s

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